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NB this section of the website will be updated leading up to the 2024 Prague Fringe

Recently added/ updated info:

Update to Fringe Photography info (20.05) - see below

Update to Print Materials during the Festival (17.05) - see below

Whatsapp Channel (16.4.) - see below



Recent Additions

Prague Fringe Whatsapp Channel (added 16.4.)

Keep up to date on inside tips from the organisers of the Fringe. Including where all the after show gatherings are taking place/ where to eat and much more.  

NB - Notification settings in Whatsapp must set to allow alerts as Banners or to the Notification Centre be to receive update alerts otherwise you need to check Updates manually. Updates can be found in the menu bar along the bottom next to Calls when logged in to Whatsapp. Notifications from Channels do not show up as a regular incoming messages only when notifications are set as above.

Connect with Tech. Director Charlie (added 2.4.)

For any technical or production questions please now contact our technical Director Charlie.

Charlie Wills-Osbourne -  charlie(at)

Accommodation Tips (updated 20.2.)

Discounted Fringe Zone Accommodation

Our Accommodation Partner WHITE SWAN APARTMENTS are offering a 20 percent discount on their advertised web rates for Artists with the Gift code - FRINGE24 Their apartments are right in the Fringe zone so within easy walking distance of all Fringe venues. All 12 apartments are within the one building which is ideal for housing larger groups under the same roof.

If you would prefer to look around for other options via Airbnb etc here is some inside info to help make the process easier:

Tips On Which Area to Stay In

Prague is a safe city, pretty much any area of Prague is safe enough for even single travellers to stay in - Malá Strana is where the Fringe is held. Areas immediately around the Fringe zone are Old Town, New Town, Andel, Smíchov, Dejvice, Letná and Holešovice. Other cool areas a little further out are Vinohrady, Žižkov and Strašnice.  

Are you coming to Fringe alone? Want to share with other Prague Fringe artists who are also travelling alone? 

Let us know and we will connect you with other solo Fringe artists by e-mail. office(at)

Are you a local artist and are you able to put up an international artist? 

Let us know and we will connect you with artists that you might be able to accommodate - office(at)

Transport Within Prague

Getting Around with Prague's public transport, PiD is fantastic and cheap. If you choose to stay out with the immediate historic centre, to keep costs down you will always be near a tram or bus stop and be able to get into the Fringe zone and even get home late at night (no matter how far out). The public transport (except for the metro) runs all night. Passes valid for a month (weekly passes don't exist) are available at 550 CZK (approx 20 EUR) ) which still works out a pretty good deal if you are travelling around a bit - more info on that here.  We recommend you download the local transport app Pid Lítačka where you can buy tickets/ passes and look up transport times. 

Bolt (Estonian mobility company) is our recommended app based taxi service with fares often cheaper than other alternatives. Very approximately a 15 -20 min journey would cost around 150 CZK (approx 6 EUR) so traveling home by taxi is not overly costly either. The following referral code will get you a discounted first fare - 9C3WQ. Get the app here.

General Information

Who are we?


Prague Fringe is now in its 23rd year and takes place in the Malá Strana (Little Quarter) district of Prague. A beautiful area below the castle running along the Vltava river. All our venues are within easy walking distance of each other.

The Festival Assistants and Fringe Technicians will be on hand at your venues during the Fringe to assist with your requirements.



Who are the Festival Assistants?


All of the Front of House team are volunteers, many of them have flown themselves to Prague to assist us with the festival because they are interested in theatre and festival management. They get free entry to all shows, but it will never be to the detriment of your ticket sales.

They are a great promotional tool for your show - tell them all about it and they'll spread the word among audiences. 

Please treat these volunteers with respect and remember they are responsible for adhering to Fringe regulations to help the whole event run smoothly.



Fringe venue names and addresses



Malostranská beseda

Malostranské nám. 35

Malá Strana, Praha 1


Café Club Míšeňská 

Míšeňská 3

Malá Strana, Praha 1


Divadlo Inspirace

Malostranské naměstí 13

Malá Strana, Praha 1


A Studio Rubín

Malostranské náměstí 9

Malá Strana, Praha 1


Museum of Alchemists

Jánský vršek 8

Malá Strana, Praha 1


Charles Bridge Comedy Club

Mostecká 53

Malá Strana, Praha 1


Original Glenn's Bar (On the Roc's)

Malostranské náměstí 7

Malá Strana, Praha 1



Venue info for show technicians and producers


Detailed application info and downloadable venue packs available here: Artist Application Information. 

Our technical Director is Charlie you can catch him here: charlie(at)

Print and Press

Poster/Flyer Guide


All posters should be in English (no need for Czech version of text, our audiences all speak English).

SIZE A4 or A3 is best for posters as space can be limited.

How many posters and flyers should I bring with me to Prague? 

We are a boutique festival with 6 small to mid-sized venues so we usually recommend bringing no more than 60 posters and 600 flyers with you. Of course it's up to your if you'd like to bring more, but this is what we recommend based on previous experience.

Our Print and Branding team will put up at least one poster per Fringe venue, and you may want to distribute some yourselves in cafes and bars around the Fringe area (see 'Print Materials During the Festival' for a map of suggested locations)

Printing in Prague

If you'd like to print your posters and flyers when you arrive in Prague, we recommend Copy General.

Their website is only in Czech (can be translated via Google Translate) but their staff usually speak English. You can send them your files in advance, or bring them with you via USB. 

Unfortunately it's not possible to send your posters to us in advance. The postal system has become much more complicated since Brexit and we don't want to risk having important materials held up at customs when they're needed in the venues. 


What should I include on my flyers and posters?

PRAGUE FRINGE LOGO – Download from page 'Press'

GOOUT LOGO (our ticket agents) – Download zip file here

VENUE ADDRESS – See 'Fringe venue names and addresses' above under 'General Information'

FRINGE WEBSITE and ticket text 'More information and tickets at:'
(don't use 


SHOW DATES (figures rather than words, we use the European format of DD/MM)

Start and finish times in 24-hour clock. Times (including end times) should match the format of the show times we send you (times will be issued by the end of March). 

e.g. 27.05.– 01.06.2023 19:45–20:45

It is possible to include a QR code on your poster/flyer with a direct link to your dedicated page in the Fringe online programme. This enables potential audience members to go straight to the ticket purchase section just by scanning the code. You can learn more about creating and using QR codes here

NOT TICKET PRICES - We advise companies to omit this as it makes things simpler – the prices vary (door vs pre-sale, students etc.)

Full info on buying tickets and prices will appear on-line.



Your print materials during the festival (Updated 17.05)



Please bring your posters and flyers to the Print Room during the following opening hours. The Print Room is not accessible outside of these hours. 

Please do not leave your print at your venue when you rehearse. Any printed materials left at venues is likely to get lost. 


Print Room:

Malostranska Beseda, 2nd floor

Opening hours:

Monday 27.05: 3 - 5 pm

Tuesday 28.05: 3.30 - 4.30pm 

Wednesday 29.05: 5 - 6pm

Thursday 30.05: 5 - 6pm

Our Front of House team will distribute the print around the Fringe venues. 


Putting up posters in Fringe venues: 

As stated in your contract, companies should not distribute their own materials in the Fringe venues. There are very strict rules as to where posters may and may not be displayed for each theatre, so our Print and Branding team manage the distribution on your behalf. Posters placed anywhere else around the venues will be removed and companies may incur penalties for damage to paint/woodwork by the theatre.

Posters and flyers in cafes and bars in Prague: 

We've compiled a list of potential flyering spots around the city. You need to ask permission before you leave your materials, (at every location someone will speak enough English to understand). 

Check out the flyering map here



Press relations


We encourage you to create a press release about your show and share it with us. 

Our advice is to keep it brief (no longer than 1 side of A4), to include the Fringe website (, dates as well as your show information and photo. 

Where should you send your press release?

Please email your press release to 

A note about the Czech Media:

The Czech media embraces the Fringe. The Fringe has established a good relationship with the most important of the media here that support the Fringe in PR articles, media partnership and the like. Our press coordinator will connect with the Czech media directly who will select shows that they intend to cover. We will supply images on their request. We do not advise companies to connect with the Czech media on an individual basis, they prefer to work through our press contact.

Please note: Part of the major coverage the festival receives in the Czech media is on the websites Divadelní Noviny (, the Czech ‘The Stage’) and Proti šedi (, youth culture site). Reviewers from these websites attend many shows during the festival and run blogs of Fringe reviews, interviews etc. 



Promoting Your Show

Binge Fringe - Free Show Promo (added 6.3.)

1. - 'My Journey to Prague' Article on 
A chance to platform both you and your show by writing us a 300-600 word article about your journey from your creative origins, to putting together the show you're performing, to arriving in Prague for the Fringe in 2024. A spotlight on both your career as an artist and a chance to promote your show using your own authentic voice. We will publish the article under your name, with writing guidance & editing from Binge Fringe's Lead Editor Jake Mace

Download info and guidelines here or get in touch with Jake here: editor(at)

2. - 'A Digital Pint with...' Interview on
A more lightweight option if you have less time available or are less confident with your creative writing skills. More matter-of-fact, and more focused on your upcoming show. Send Jake some info about your show and Binge Fringe will generate some questions for you to answer. You can then send your answers back to us in a Word doc. and we will publish it as an interview as part of our 'Digital Pints' series. (see our interview with Steve Gove, Fringe Director for an example): 

For enquiries about both please send an email to Jake at  editor(at) with some info about yourself and your show.

All articles/interviews will require a high quality show image of at least 1080px on one side for publishing. You will share joint copyright to the written content of the article/interview with Binge Fringe, a registered publishing company based in Scotland. Copyright of your show image will be fully retained with you and the photographer.

How else can you push your show? (Updated 30.04.24)


Before the Fringe

Social Media 

Read our Social Media Guide for Artists for a full list of tips and recommendations on how to promote your show via social media. 

Download the 'We're performing at #praguefringe2024" graphic here and share on your social media platforms! 


We work with all of the major Embassies to promote the festival. We alert specific embassies if shows from their country are part of the programme and invite Ambassadors to performances. You can contact your own embassy to reinforce the message. A list of contract details for most embassies in Prague can be found here:


During the Fringe:

Promote each other

Obviously there is no end to what you could do in terms of drumming-up a crowd once in Prague but one thing we highly recommend that all companies do is to promote each other. End of show announcements such as 'the next show in this theatre is...' or 'head over to XXX and see our friends show...' etc. work very well. Audiences rely on, and are actively looking for, ideas of what to see next – word of mouth plays a big part. It’s quite usual at Fringes to even recommend audiences to spread the word if they liked your show! Get out there and see other shows and work out ways to cooperate in terms of distribution etc.

Exit flyering
Giving info to or performing excerpts (in costume is ideal!) to the audiences of other shows that may attract a similar crowd to yours as they enter or leave the theatres is invaluable. Prague Fringe is a relatively intimate festival and you will very quickly get to meet and know the other companies that are performing and the festival staff – make use of that!

Flyers and posters around Prague

Keep your flyer distribution network active around town. A polite hello (even in English) and 'is it ok?' should suffice... say it’s the Fringe Festival! Also saying it’s theatre or comedy will help. 

See our handy map of potential cool places to flyer HERE 

Flyering on the street

In 2002 it became illegal to hand out flyers on the streets of Prague – do so at your own risk! Flyering inside Fringe venues is fine.

Tourism Information Offices

Prague City Tourism is an official partner of the Fringe and will promote the festival via their various stands and offices across the city and online. Their central information office is at: Rytířská 12, 110 00, Praha 1, very close to Můstek metro station. They also have a stand in the arrivals hall at Prague Airport.

Unfortunately, many of the other Prague tourist info centres are privately run with their own mainstream agenda, meaning they are unlikely to allow you to promote your show inside their premises.



Show programmes and merchandise

Can we sell programmes for our show? 

If you wish to bring your own hand-printed complimentary programmes, please give them to the Festival Assistants before your first show and they will happily give these out to your audiences. We don’t sell programmes.

Programmes and marketing materials do not need to be translated into Czech. Our audiences are English-speaking and will understand English-language materials. 

Can we sell merchandise for our show? 

We do not sell merchandise on behalf of performers.



Pre-sales and comps

How are my pre-sales going? 

Historically, pre-sales have made up a relatively low percentage of the overall sales for the Fringe here in Prague. The vast majority of sales have been walk-ups. This is changing over the years and pre-sales are increasing year-on-year, but last-minute door sales are still the majority. 

We do not have the resources to give updates to performers on their pre-sales before the festival. You can ask the door staff for your pre-sales just before each performance. 

Can we have complimentary tickets for friends/company members? 

There is a policy on complimentary ticket requests for company use or performer comps, which is – there aren't any! This is a trial and error decision, which in the end is fair to all. We know how much it costs all companies to stage their works at the festival, (many travel from across the world) and thus how important tickets sales and revenue are. Some companies are large, some are small, and the same with venue size so there could be no fair way of doing it. Also the cost of individual tickets is low enough that this is the fairest, simplest and most democratic way to do things. If you have individual show sponsors or guests coming to your show the best thing to do is buy their tickets or have them buy their tickets from GoOut, as they can provide receipts, so they/you may be able to use them to claim back expenses.

The cheapest way to see shows is to buy a Fringe Pass for 1100 Kč which gives you entry to 5 shows at a discounted rate of 220 Kč per show. Buy your fringe passes here

Does the Prague Fringe give out any complimentary tickets? 

Any complimentary tickets which the Festival gives out are to accredited press, sponsors and Fringe staff through the festival office, and are subject to availability after sales so there is no detriment to your ticket income. There are often promoters from across the world Fringe network attending the festival who will also have access to shows. All will be recorded. 

Fringe Photography (updated 20.5.)

Our official Fringe photographer Jack (and his assistant) will shoot all production rehearsals, as well as the general atmosphere of the Fringe and the club night parties. 

Jack's website with more info on how it all works during Fringe can be found here.

As per contract you should allocate approx 15 mins of your rehearsal/ theatre get in time to allow Jack to take photos. These photos will be used to promote the Fringe during the festival itself and can be purchased by the artist via Jack's website for your own use post Fringe. 

The official 2024 photography schedule will be found HERE.  Please check this schedule and make a note of your allotted time. 




Prague Fringe Awards

Industry Expert Annual Awards (announced July)


An anonymous panel of industry experts will be watching shows throughout the Fringe and submitting their nominations for the 2023 Prague Fringe Awards. 


The awards are as follows: 

Creative Award

Award given to the company whose production is deemed creatively exceptional. 

Inspiration Award

Award for a new piece of work (no more than two runs previously).
*Please submit the section 'Inspiration Award' in Eventotron to let us know if your show is eligible for consideration for this award. 

Performance Award 

Individual Artist who has excelled in their performance at the festival

Brian’s Life Award - Best Comedy at the Fringe

A new award at the 2023 Fringe for the best stand up or theatre comedy

The Spirit of the Fringe Award

This award is given in exceptional circumstances to an individual or company who has truly embraced the spirit of the festival.

The Prague Fringe Award archive can be found here. 



Annual Audience Awards

The Prague Fringe Audience Award will be announced on the final night of the Festival at the Fringe Club (Malostranska beseda).