23rd - 29th November 2020

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Prague Fringe Prologue - Application Information

What is Prague Fringe Prologue?

Prague Fringe Prologue: An interim digital celebration of our 20th anniversary. 

Due to the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, we working on rescheduling our 'main event' to September when we hope live theatre will once again be safe and open for all.

In the meantime, to celebrate what would have been our 20th anniversary festival this May, we've created Prague Fringe Prologue, an incredible opportunity for performers with high-quality video recordings of their work to be seen on a national scale here in the Czech Republic. 

Working in partnership with the Czech Republic's leading theatre streaming site, Dramox (think Netflix for theatre) all successful applicants will be considered for a streaming contract.

From Friday 28th May - Saturday 5th June 2021 the 'Committee's Favourites' selection will be presented worldwide via the Prague Fringe website - viewers will stream via a donation system. 

Selected shows will then be available for Czech audiences to stream via Dramox.


About Dramox: 


Dramox is the theatrical alternative to Netflix, screening recorded performances from a wide variety of productions around the Czech Republic and Europe. Productions include everything from small, lesser-known theatre companies to national theatres and TV recordings.

Launched just 6 months ago, Dramox already has over 7,000 subscribers and is growing fast. Subscribers pay 299 CZK (about 10 EUR) per month for unlimited viewing, and the larger percentage is divided out among the shows that subscribers watch, payouts are made every three months.

Prague Fringe is proud to be partnering with Dramox to add some of the first English-language productions to their catalogue. 



Key dates in the application process

Monday 29th March - Open call launch, applications open

Monday 12th April -  Applications close 

By Friday 23rd April - Offers issued to successful applicants

by Friday 30th April - Contracts signed and returned and footage files transferred

Friday 28th May - Saturday 6th June - Prague Fringe Prologue

After 6th June - Streaming of selected shows on Dramox

Who can apply?

Anyone with a high-quality recording of their theatre production

High quality means that the footage meets most (if not all) of these requirements: 

  • Minimum HD quality
  • Minimum 2 cameras
  • Stable sound
  • Well lit (not under or over-exposed)
  • Subtitles (as a separate time-coded file)

What are we looking for?

High quality recordings of:

  • Theatre of any kind (traditional, experimental, physical, children's, musical, comedy, multi-media, puppetry etc). [Comedy theatre shows with audience interaction must have been recorded with a live audience.]

  • Performances in English (with subtitles or ability to add them) or non-verbal/without language. [We will consider shows in other languages too, but English subtitles must be provided in the application.]

  • Work that might appeal to our international audience
  • Not music
  • Not stand-up comedy 
  • Not cabaret

Online application form

How To Apply
1) Carefully read the application information above 
2) Go to www.eventotron.com and Login or Register with your email address
3) Once logged in, go to Festivals and click on 'Prague Fringe Prologue'
4) Click the APPLY button
5) Follow the instructions in the application form.

Theatre, comedy and fun in the heart of Prague!