23rd - 29th November 2020

The Long Pigs

WE3 (Australia)

The Long Pigs  


Horror meets hilarity! Spine tingling original theatre that is hilariously dark, and frighteningly funny. Set in an abattoir style workspace, the Pigs are working hard on their latest obsession, to rid the world of every last red nose clown. However, the count of the catch reveals all is not well. They are one nose short! Rooted in physical and black comedy, exploring themes of prejudice ethnic cleansing (clown style), and the horror of the ‘unknown stranger’.

Reviews, awards, more information

2020 - Runners up/menzione speciale at the Premio Internazionale Il Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro, Milan, Italy 2016

Nominated for three Victorian Greenroom Awards - Best ensemble, Best Direction, Best Production

How to watch? 

Stream on demand on our YouTube channel from 6pm on Friday 28th May until midnight on Saturday 5th June. 

Support the artists directly by purchasing a Prague Fringe Prologue Access Pass. 100% of the income generated from the sale of these passes will be paid out to the 15 companies in the Prague Fringe Prologue programme. 

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This show will transfer to our partner theatre-streaming site Dramox from June/July. 

Date & Time
28th May - 5th June
Age Accessibility
Non verbal

Theatre, comedy and fun in the heart of Prague!