23rd - 29th November 2020

The Life And Rhymes Of Archy And Mehitabel

Theatre Nation (England)

The Life And Rhymes Of Archy And Mehitabel  


Meet Archy the cockroach and his best friend Mehitabel the alley cat. An adaptation by Patrick Kealey of some of the famous and funny cult poems by humorist Don Marqui, written mostly in the 1920's at the height of the Jazz Age. A fast-moving highly physically expressive one-man-show, Patrick plays a gallery of wonderful witty characters, as well as Archy and Mehitabel herself these include Will Shakespeare, Freddy the Rat, Tom the Theatre Cat, the Planet Mars, and a host of other insects and lowlifes. A charming and satirical take on life from the point of view of the lowest of the low. 

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'Fab acting. Fab writing. Fab Message', 'Brilliant Performance', 'Really fantastic. Superb acting.' (Audience reviews, Barnstable Fringe)

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