23rd - 29th November 2020

The Lehman Brothers


The Lehman Brothers  


Two bankers whose uncanny ability and skills have made them famous and respected all over the world. Apparently they have it all: fast cars, beautiful secretaries, luxurious offices, lavish lifestyle. However, one day their fortune is wiped out in a matter of minutes after a disastrous plunge of the stock market. A show about money, greed, and love told with the language of clowning and physical comedy with almost no verbal interaction. 

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Shanghai Experimental Theatre Festival 2020
Word Duo Performing Arts Festival, Seul 2020
Avignon Off 2019
Festival du Nez Rouge Montbéliard
Festival du Numéro du Clown Grenoble

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Stream on demand on our YouTube channel from 6pm on Friday 28th May until midnight on Saturday 5th June. 

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Date & Time
28th May - 5th June
Age Accessibility
Easy Language

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