23rd - 29th November 2020

The Hunger Artist

Aum Yash Kendra (India)

The Hunger Artist  


Inside a steel cage, the hunger artist makes a living by fasting. Outside, we, the well-fed, watch on. This is the story of cotton pickers, the story of the great fast, the story of anonymous childhoods. The real story of White Gold. Inspired by Franz Kafka's chilling short story by the same name and Namdev Dhasal's masterpiece poem 'Bhook' (hunger), The Hunger Artist is a moving portrayal of the agrarian crisis, the idea of Spectatorship and ultimately the state of physical and psychological hunger as the modern human condition.

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The play opened successfully in November 2018 in Mumbai and has since been invited to perform in Kenya as part of the Kenya International Theatre Festival, in Delhi as part of The Old World Theatre Festival, Art Dissent Activism Festival at Ashoka University and in Bangalore for the Ranga Shankara Festival.

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28th May - 5th June
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