23rd - 29th November 2020

The Final Approach

Marlowe Productions (England)

The Final Approach  


Sam Marlowe is the campus outsider who takes on a case to expose a cheating partner but finds himself in a web of deceit, corruption and the incorrect disposal of kitchen waste. Obsessed by detective stories and film noir, Sam spends his time trying to avoid being caught up in the next mystery, the next case, yet no matter how hard he tries he can never keep his nose clean. Struggling with the recent separation of his parents Sam creates an internal narration to cope. As sleep deprivation sets in, Sam struggles to hold onto reality, so when his long term crush drops a case into his lap he can’t help but start digging. But what Sam unearths goes deeper than the initial mystery of school yard gossip. 

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Nominated for Best Emerging Artist (Adelaide Fringe)

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28.05. 21:00 – 22:06
CET (Prague time)
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