23rd - 29th November 2020

The Chess Player

Theatre Omnibus (USA)

The Chess Player  


Imprisoned by Nazis. Solitary confinement. A stolen book of chess games is a prisoner’s only grasp on sanity. Fighting off madness by choosing schizophrenia, he survives, dividing himself into two feuding chess masters. A reimagining of Zweig's classic. 

'An absolute must see' (Broadway Baby)

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'McElvain is superb... eyes twinkling with humour one moment, staring hauntingly into your soul the next' **** (Three Weeks) 

'Mesmerising... completely immersed into a tiny room with a Nazi prisoner' ***** (Broadway Baby) 

'An absolute must see' (Broadway Baby) *****

'Utterly wonderful' (Last Minute Tix)

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Stream on demand on our YouTube channel from 6pm on Friday 28th May until midnight on Saturday 5th June. 

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Date & Time
28th May - 5th June
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