23rd - 29th November 2020

Smooth Surfaces

Potem-o-tem (Poland)

Smooth Surfaces  


FreeDon loses contact with the girl he fell in love with during a video chat session. He tries to find a way to reach her at all costs. During the night he searches in the corners of the internet, he will have to overcome complexities and confront a painful past. A story about love, fear, uncertainty, lies and self-creation - about what the internet gives and takes away from us.

SMOOTH SURFACES: these are surfaces that do not scatter light.
SMOOTH RELATIONS: these are relationships that do not distract people.
SMOOTH PERSONS: these are people who are not distracted by relationships.

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Forum of Young Directors in Cracow 2019 SECOND PRIZE

XXII National Comedy Festival Talia 2018 SECOND PRIZE

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28th May - 5th June
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