23rd - 29th November 2020

Fear Industry

SRSLYyours (Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland)

Fear Industry  


Life vests under your seats! Riveting, irritating and bizarre. This show explores the concept of fear and its orchestrated manipulation through economic and political forces, its dissemination by the media and its subtle proliferation in contemporary society. Blending personal accounts with public proclamations, ‘Fear Industry’ walks the tightrope between our instinctive and primal fears and those manipulated and amplified by our surroundings. 

‘An invasive and pervasive testimony.’ (TimeOut Magazine)

Reviews, awards, more information

Grand Prix Stockholm 2020, Stockholm Fringe Festival

National Award 2019, MilanOff

Best Theatre Performance on Berlin Stages 2017, Zitty, Berlinale Issue

How to watch? 

Stream on demand on our YouTube channel from 6pm on Friday 28th May until midnight on Saturday 5th June. 

Support the artists directly by purchasing a Prague Fringe Prologue Access Pass. 100% of the income generated from the sale of these passes will be paid out to the 15 companies in the Prague Fringe Prologue programme. 

Date & Time
28th May - 5th June
Age Accessibility
Easy Language

Theatre, comedy and fun in the heart of Prague!