23. - 29. listopadu 2020

The Decriminalisation Monologues Podcast

Acting Out (Ireland)

The Decriminalisation Monologues Podcast  

O představení

Ireland's Acting Out theatre group brought their beautiful play '25/The Decriminalisation Monologues' to Prague last year and were nominated for the Prague Fringe Inspiration Award, and this year received the National GALA Award for Arts and Entertainment.

They were due to return with a new play for 2020 which we're hoping to present it in October (more info below), but in the meantime, you can listen to two of the monologues from last year's show recorded with the original cast.

The Special Friend

It's the 1980s and Mark, having escaped to London from an oppressive family in Northern England, can't believe his luck when he meets Eamon, an Irish Hotel Manager, when measuring him for a suit. A chance event leads to them moving to Ireland where they make an unlikely success of a guest house aimed at gay holiday makers wanting to visit rural Ireland. But their happiness is shortlived, when events take a tragic turn, and Mark discovers he has very few rights. 
Listen at: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/podcast/the-acting-out-podcast/id1438209061?mt=2&i=1000422715064

I Know What You Are

It's Ireland in the 1970s, and civil servant Moira is planning to go for a big promotion at work. But besides the fact she is a woman, facing the ingrained misogyny of the time, there is another problem. She is being blackmailed. Does she just submit to it? Or does she come out fighting?

Listen at: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/podcast/the-acting-out-podcast/id1438209061?mt=2&i=1000421142465

The group's new comedy/drama is called, Best Served Cold. It’s a gripping tale of betrayal and revenge and none of the characters in it come out particularly well! Which of them do you most resemble? Take this short quiz to find out! But answer honestly! 

Take the quiz: 


Recenze, ocenění, další informace

Reviews for Acting Out's show '25/The Decriminalisation Monologues': 
'A powerful play' (Britishtheatreguide.info)*****
'A true example of theatre that can change the way you think, it will resonate with me for a long, long time.' (northwestend.co.uk)

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