23. - 29. listopadu 2020

Radio Plague

Doppelgangster (England, Australia)

Radio Plague  

O představení

In this special response to Covid-19, the UK and Australia-based international performance group, Doppelgangster, dedicate themselves to adapting 1950s radio-thriller Escape the Scarlet Plague: an apocalyptic spin-off of Jack London’s speculative sci-fi novella, The Scarlet Plague (1912).

Using contemporary performance methods – from cut-up techniques and punk songs, to violent satire and psychedelic neo-noir – Doppelgangster deliver a sonic and surreal remake of this obscure cult thriller; revealing a work that is still every bit an omen of decay, dystopia, hubris and wildness. Audiences will need a listening device and means to download or stream the work.

Link to listen: www.doppelgangster.com/radioplague/

Link to donate to the Prague Fringe Survival Fund: https://goout.net/en/tickets/prague-fringe-survival-fund/ukmg/

Recenze, ocenění, další informace

Doppelgangster is an international group of contemporary performers, musicians and choreographers. It was founded by Tobias Manderson-Galvin and Dr Tom Payne out of the desire to create provocative political performances in response to climate change, class, and capital.

Other members of the collective include Jules Pascoe, Kerith Manderson-Galvin, and Ruby Donohoe. Doppelgangster have been invited to collaborate with, among others, Experimentica, Off the Shelf, Cape Farewell, Arts House Victoria, and MKA Theatre.

Photo Credit: Becky Payne

Koupit lístky
29.05. 21:00 – 22:00
CET (Prague time)
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