23rd - 29th November 2020

The Swan Woman

Rebecka Pershagen (Sweden)

The Swan Woman  


Multi award-winning true crime meets Swedish noir, in a modern fable about the Stockholm woman who in 2011 was found living with 13 swans. 'You get more love from a swan than you'll ever get from another person'. Who was she, living in the periphery?

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In 2011, the police forced entry into a 25m² apartment in Stockholm, after the neighbours reported a stench. When they entered, they found 13 living swans. The news reports about the woman who lived there have since been an urban legend amongst Stockholmers, as no names or pictures were ever published.



NORDIC FRINGE NETWORK AWARD - Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2018

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE AWARD - Reykjavík Fringe Festival 2019

SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE AWARD - Bergen Fringe Festival 2019


PICK OF THE FRINGE AWARD - Stockholm Fringe Festival 2018

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