23rd - 29th November 2020


Mir.Theatre (Czech Republic, Prague)



A 12 minute pinhole play telling the story of Sputnik, planet Earth’s first artificial satellite. μSPUTNIK is the first show to take place in the new μMikro miniature theatre space, a transportable theatre for one spectator and two actors. Filmed through a 4.4 x 7 cm viewing hole, the audience observes a unique performance style, in which individual cassettes with different scenes are loaded in turn, as if being cut by a film editor. 

Fringe Reimagined gives audiences a unique insight into how this production is made via a second performance with backstage camera views and then a third performance from an audience perspective again.

Don’t miss the after-show talk with the creators. More details here.

The show is part of the DRAMA LABEL project.

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Date & Time
26.11. 18:00 – 18:36
CET (Prague time)
Age Accessibility

Theatre, comedy and fun in the heart of Prague!