22nd - 30th May 2020

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2019, How to Fringe?

Ready for your fringe tips? Click in and find some insider secrets that we don't tell everyone.

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Spotlight On: Kōtuku and the Moon Child

A Moon Child gets trapped on Earth – how will she find her way home?

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Spotlight On: Twonkey’s Ten Year Twitch

The story of a cake decorating shop in the Dordogne that has been secretly making fake weather since 1982.

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Spotlight on: Canary

Three Women. One War. And a Ton of TNT.

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Spotlight On: Proxy

Munchausen, Mayhem and Murder. Invalided and infantilised by her mother Dee Dee, Gypsy is imprisoned in a fantasy world, until an online boyfriend...

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Spotlight On: J'n'R

A love story loosely based on the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet but set in an airport at 4am and without the ensuing sex and stabbing.

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Spotlight On: Where Are You Really From?

They have Asian features, but Czech passports. Two cultures intertwined in one body.

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Spotlight on: Timon of Athens

The grandest retelling of Shakespeare's least-known play by multi award-winning Rendered Retina.

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Spotlight on: Doppelgangster's Cold War

A pilot crashes in the Arctic. Two men in lounge suits are eating snow cones in a cheap Vegas motel room.

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