22nd - 30th May 2020

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Fringing with Your Family

Wondering what to do with the family when the weather is bad? Don’t worry - Fringe has got your back.

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Spotlight On: #Hypocrisy

Five star groundbreaking Scottish poet fuses a searing script with original music.

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Spotlight On: Inheritance

Two award-winning youth theatres come together to devise an original double-bill that explores the cyclical nature of life, from a Generation Z...

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Spotlight On: Where The Hell Is Bernard?

In a world where no one plays, no one questions and no one ever leaves, four women work in an office high above the city to anonymously return lost...

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Spotlight On: 25/The Decriminalisation Monologues

Two stories. Winners of the National GALA Award for Irish Arts and Literature 2017 (galas.ie).

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Spotlight On: Kafka's Ape

A solo performance about a primate's struggle to overcome the confines of captivity.

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Spotlight On: In The Woods Where The Men Work

A group of businessmen awake in a forest for the trial they never saw coming.

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Spotlight On: The Pied Piper

Following a sold out season at Melbourne Fringe, one woman, mischief maker, artfully plays 15 characters in this musical retelling of a mighty...

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Spotlight On: Tropez!

A cocktail of outrageous characters, classic farce and zany adventures: double award-winning comedy duo Nathan & Ida return to Prague Fringe with a...

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